How to Improve Your Van With a Fit Out of Van Parts


The specification of any van today is much improved compared to those manufactured some years back. With every year comes more and more extras for example, air conditioning, central locking systems, audio systems, power steering and windows, safety features, comfort packages and lighting options.

With all these features plus more optional extras designed to improve the life of the general tradesman, why consider improving further? Well, whilst the cab of the van has come a long way in terms of both design and functionality, the large space at the back of the van could be improved, fitted out and designed to suit the needs of the user.

The cost of any van is something that needs to be considered carefully by any tradesman or company. There needs to be a return on investment. The same goes for a fit out. Dependent on requirements, fit outs can be fairly costly so why bother? Well, there are many advantages. The van will be more suited to the users needs by increasing storage space, providing usable work bench space, protecting tools or cargo and providing easy access to tools or other items. The overall safety of the user may be increased due to a purpose built interior and the professionalism will shine through, improving the reputation of the company.

So if you are considering a fit out then what are the options? If you already own your van and would like to modify it, then fit outs for aftermarket vans can be installed. If you are purchasing your van new though, the option to have the van kitted out before you take ownership can be arranged also. One advantage of the latter is that everything for the van is made to measure and factory fit. This also means that when you come to resell the van, factory fitted options can be advertised and the warranty of the van usually covers these extras.

That isn’t to say that warranties cannot be sought for aftermarket fit outs too. Many companies offering fit-outs for vans offer a warranty for their systems. An advantage to these also is that often there are more features, choices and options from which to avail.

There are many features to consider and if you are serious about a fit out for your van, a comprehensive design that covers the requirements of the user is highly recommended at the planning stage. Items to consider include racks, shelves, work benches, toolboxes, bins, trays, drawers, lockable cabinets, extra seating, pull outs, cable holders, mini fridges and washing facilities and many more.

Safety aspects should also be considered to ensure the users’ ergonomic suitability and the fit out should include first aid kits and fire extinguishers, positioned at the most suitable exit.

Protection and return on investment are also key considerations. Coverings should be added to protect surfaces and the future scenario of changing vehicle should be considered whereby the fit out will be either be sold on with the vehicle or transferred to the new one.