A Quick Look at the Ford Transit Models Available With Van Different Leasing Agencies


Leasing a Ford Transit is very popular, particularly in Europe. It is one of the most widely used light-weight commercial vehicles. Over five million models have been sold since when it was brought in the market in 1965. Such a reliable and versatile van is utilized for different applications. This vehicle is capable to cater to both your private and commercial needs. If you are looking to buy one of them, contact a van leasing company.

Although, a wide variety of models are available in the market, the plain white one is the most commonly seen vans on the road. The history of this vehicle began in the early 1950s in Germany. The very first transit named as FK 1000 was designed in Cologne, which was later termed as Taunus. Following Taunus production end, emerged Ford Transit, which is known today.

The majority of the Transits that are available in the UK market are found in three forms, they are minibuses, pickups or panel vans. The panel van is basically designed with a sedan car type frame, yet having a great space to load cargoes than any the majority of the sedans. Its design provides a comfortable seating area for almost up to four passengers and a driver, and also enough space to store larger cargoes. The Ford Transit minibus allows transportation of more number of people comfortably, thereby making itself a perfect selection for tours, outings, events and vacations. The pickup trucks are specially designed for shipping goods. The versatility in leasing these vans make an ideal selection for any kind of occasion.

When it is regarding Ford van leasing, consider your purpose of renting the van. The mentioned three major choices provide a complete range of transport and storage options also. Well, if you require focusing on the storage for goods and objects, then the pickup Transit vans are the best option. However, if you wish to transport a large group of people, minibus variety will suit your need. And the panel vans will serve both the purposes.

The Ford Transit Custom DCIV lease has become more affordable due to the extreme popularity of such vehicles. Used for both private and industrial purposes, they are specialized to provide greater manoeuvrability in all circumstances. For instance, vans with refrigerated interiors can be used for carrying perishables. The Transit is built to cater to any need. The best part is that there are some reputed leasing companies who rent them at really competitive rates. So, lease the all-purpose Ford Transit van today!