A Review Of The 2012 Nissan NV


The commercial van market is currently dominated by Ford’s Econoline van. Commercial trucks are generally functional vans with an emphasis on practicality over function. However, there’s a new van on the market; the Nissan NV. This van has been available in over forty countries with exception of America. That’s about to change with the introduction of the Nissan’s commercial van. The primary target market is small business owners, delivery services and even food truck companies. There are two types of engines available for the Nissan NV; a six cylinder and a more powerful eight cylinder engine. This will be the first commercial vehicle from Nissan available in the United States.

The van is equipped with a ramp which makes it accessible for handicapped individuals in wheelchairs. Some of the models are available with an adjustable roof. This can come in handy if one needs to haul large cargo along. It’s also convenient to shorten the height in case the vehicle needs to be parked in a small garage or fit through a narrow drive way.

Nissan is keeping the NV relatively affordable; the entry level model is expected to be priced around $24k. The frame was designed to be fully boxed for optimum stability and durability. Branding is an important concept for business owners and the Nissan NV allows you to do just that. The car can be “wrapped” with any design and logo of the buyer’s choosing.

The middle storage bin offers a large amount of space for personal items such as cellular phones. There is a console available which can be used as a laptop stand. Bluetooth compatibility is available which allows the driver to receive phone calls while keeping hands safely on the wheel. Buyers can choose from vinyl or cloth seats. Features including Bluetooth compatibility and a rearview camera can be added on as options.

Some NV vehicles have been transformed into food trucks and can be seen cruising the streets of Los Angeles offering residents convenient eats on the go. Nissan has plans of targeting the booming food truck market which is currently very popular in many cities across the country. It will be interesting to see if the Nissan NV will overtake Ford’s Econoline in terms of sales and popularity. It will be interesting to see who will dominate this market. However one thing is for sure; consumers will have more options than ever before.