Five Easy Ways to Lengthen the Life of Your UTV’s, Dirtbikes and ATV’s


More and more people are using some sort of motorized vehicle, other than a car, either for their recreational entertainment or property/business management. These are rather large investments, with additional maintenance costs. Following are five easy ways to keep the maintenance costs of these investments at a minimum, and the lifetime of them longer.

1. Clean the exterior regularly and often. Many people don’t realize that just like changing the engine oil of any motor makes that engine last longer due to the clean oil, so does keeping the dirt and foreign substances off of the exterior of your motorized vehicle. Cleaning your dirt bike, for example, simply with soap and water each time after you go trail riding will help make it last. You want to remove any dirt and grime in and around the mechanical parts before it has a chance to make its way into the inner workings of the engine.

2. Dry the motorized vehicle with a clean cloth each time after washing it. Water often has natural substances in it that can clog up the mechanical parts it comes in contact with, such as calcium and rust. Drying these off before they can harden and dry onto your expensive engine parts will keep them from potentially entering in and clogging up those various engine lines and parts.

3. As stated above, change the engine oil on a regular basis. This is an inexpensive and easy way to help keep the engine free of foreign particles and running well. Ideally the engine oil should be changed roughly every three rides for any UTV, dirt bike, snowmobile or ATV. The closer you can stick to that number, the better.

4. Store your motorized investment out of the weather elements. Direct sunlight for eight to sixteen hours day after day, beating down on your precious investment not only fades any paint job or graphic decals applied on the exterior, but the heat causes continuous expansion of the various mechanical parts and weakens them which shortens the life of them. Likewise with continuous extreme cold temperatures, snow, rain and even heavy winds. These cause the continuous expansion and shrinkage of the metal, rubber, copper, and other various materials of lines, wires, nuts, bolts, etc. to weaken and therefore lesson the life of them. If you have to store your investment outdoors, at least keep it covered with some sort of protective cover to minimize the wear and tear of natural elements, occurring while you’re not even using it.

5. If you don’t use it for several weeks or months at a time, at least start it up once a month – once a week is even better. Let it run for at least five to ten minutes. Keeping the gasoline and oils flowing through the various lines and parts of the engine actually keep the life of the engine lasting longer, as well as the battery life.

Of course, eventually all things wear out and have to be replaced. But the application of these five easy and inexpensive steps with each of your motorized vehicles will keep your wallet fatter and your life easier.