CK3000 Evolution – Parrot Bluetooth Car Kits

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Most people use the CK3000 Evolution to receive calls while driving but these Parrot Bluetooth car kits are capable of much more. By pressing the central turn and click button a host of advanced features are available.

In this mode there are five advanced functions:

1. Language

2. Volume

3. Add Voiceprints

4. Magic Words (Active / Deactivated)

5. Record Keywords

Parrot CK3000 Advanced Functions in Action

Firstly on pressing the central Parrot CK3000 button the kit says ‘Language’ followed by the currently selected language. However there are six languages possible and accessed by further clicking the green button and turning the scroll wheel to the first option, you simply click to select the correct language as it is said. Once set you will hear a confirmation message.

After the language is correctly set the wheel can be scrolled to select the ‘Volume’ function. This sets the default volume for your Parrot Bluetooth car kit and is purely a matter of personal preference, depending also on how noisy your vehicle is. A beep allows you to determine your current volume level and the volume can be increased by scrolling to the right and decreased by scrolling to the left.

‘Magic Words’ can be used to activate simple voice recognition. “Phone” and “Hang Up” once recorded will allow you to accept incoming calls or to finish calls with your voice. To use this function Magic Words first needs to be ‘Activated’, followed by customers recording themselves saying these keywords into the device. If no Magic words are recorded the kit will automatically guide you to begin recording Magic Words.

CK3000 Keywords and Add Voiceprints

To ‘Record Keywords’ on the CK3000 scroll the advanced function button until the kit says “Record Keywords”, and press the central button. Now in this sub-menu the kit assumes you wish to record all keywords, however you can again scroll to select individual words if required. Press the central button to begin recording. Once recorded the kit moves to the next unrecorded keyword.

There are five keywords that can be recorded:

1. Phone

2. Hang up

3. Home

4. Mobile

5. Work

The last three words are used in conjunction with ‘Add Voiceprints’ advanced function. This allows customers to say a command sentence like; “Phone John Mobile”. The kit accepts a voice command one word at a time and it beeps to show recognition. The above example would require the sequence “Phone” beep “John” beep “Mobile” beep. However these last three keywords and contact recordings require a compatible phone and are not available to all customers. With the huge number of mobile phones available customers should check their phone compatibility against this kit on the Parrot website to see if their phone is capable.

The CK3000 Evolution advanced features mode and sub-menus can be exited at any time by pressing the red button.

It is worth noting that these Parrot Bluetooth car kits can also be used without Keywords and Voiceprints, you simply accept and end calls by pressing the green and red buttons.