Renting a 4×4 or ATV in or Around Hells Canyon


Are you fed up, frustrated and feeling unappreciated at work? If so, you need something wild and challenging to get it out of your system, boost your confidence and and send you back feeling renewed. Why not think about renting a 4×4 or ATV in or around Hells Canyon, Oregon. That will certainly give you something else to think about! An adventure vacation could be just the thing to blow the cobwebs away and if you’ve never done it before but always found the idea appealing, this years vacation could be the right time.

Do you know the difference between a 4×4 and an ATV, if not it might be a good thing to take some classes and familiarise yourself with them. In the 4×4 all four wheels are powered whereas in the ATV which is a 2×4, only two wheels are powered and they are usually the back two, therefore they handle in a very different way and you need to know this before you tackle any of natures hazards.

In and around Hells Canyon there are all kinds of camping grounds and Byways which will give you a great ride. The best known and most popular is the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway, the Imnaha River Loop followed by Elkhorn Drive. However the least well known and the least travelled is the Snake River Mormon Basin Black Country Byway and is said to be ideal for 4×4 enthusiasts. It gives a close up view of a High Desert environment and appreciation of those early settlers who crossed that way by wagon, on horseback or on foot. The Byway winds through the forest and dynamic landscapes, giving spectacular views of Hells Canyon.The Imnaha River Loop is a motorcyclist/4×4 and photographers dream but beware, as it is said that ‘it has more curves than a Las Vegas chorus line’. You then loop through the southern part of the Wallowa-Whitman Forest onto the Elkhorn Drive which again has beautiful scenery but also offers a glimpse of the areas past, with semi-ghost towns and a historic railroad.

The Wallowa-Whitman National Forest is really two forests in one, The wild and rugged northern sector where mother nature has a surprise for you over every mountain. Then there is the southern section which is entirely different and has a neat, civilized feel, a great place for people in RVs that prefer a more gentle forest experience.

When you finally get there, don’t be foolish, even though you’re in a car, this is still a wilderness area and getting away from it all can have disadvantages.

Carry a few tools, snacks and most importantly fresh water and a small first aid kit. Even the tiniest scratch can very quickly become infected and can become very serious if you are a long way from help and as cellphone signals are few and far between there, be sure to be equipped with a suitable CB radio… just in case.