How Does Distracted Driving Affect Truck Drivers?


Driving a truck is a huge task with great responsibility and it takes great skill to drive it well. There is a reason why a driver requires a special license in order to drive a truck. You need to consider the size of the vehicle, its weight, its gearing capabilities, its width and its overall abilities. The driver needs to be aware of his actions on the road and how it affects other road users. So when a truck driver decides to multitask while driving, it can cause a distraction with devastating consequences.

There are a number of ways that a truck driver can get distracted while driving.

They may be hungry and decide to have lunch while driving. This action of eating and drinking would cause the driver to take his eyes off the road for a few seconds while grabbing the burger or the drink. This may seem innocent but consider that with each bite and sip, their eyes is taken off the road. Those few seconds become multiple seconds of distractions.

Many drivers find driving tedious and boring, so they turn to the mobile phones to send text messages or take calls. With text messages, your eyes and concentration is not on the road. Depending on the length of the text message that you are reading and then replying to, you could take your eyes off the road for 10, 20 or 30 seconds. This is ample time to cause a collision. Speaking on a mobile phone may seem harmless because you are looking straight ahead at the road. But consider this: how much of your mind is on the road ahead? You tend to concentrate more on what the person is saying to you on the mobile phone than what is happening on the road.

Using a satellite navigation system is another form of distraction. It’s best to set the coordinates or the destination address when the truck has stopped. Trying to insert an address will take your eyes off the road and could lead to an accident.

Any form of distraction is not acceptable while driving any vehicle, especially a truck. Some drivers also get distracted by the images or digits on the dashboard, or they think about when the next service is due and what truck parts should be replaced. Keep your mind and eyes focussed on the road at all times while driving to ensure a safer journey.