You’ll Opt for the Longer Route in a Nissan Murano


Whether you’re enjoying the view from the driver’s seat or inspecting its ins and outs on the showroom floor, you won’t easily find fault with the Nissan Murano. Yes, the engineers and designers at Nissan were certainly showing off when they created this beauty of a beast, cutting no corners on quality, performance or comfort.

Driving the Nissan Murano

Sure it’s beautiful to look at, but your first drive is guaranteed to make an even greater impression. The Japanese vehicle manufacturer has fitted the Murano with the same powertrain that turned the 350Z into an automotive legend. Under the hood its race-ready 3.5L V6 engine growls to the tune of 191kW at 6000rpm and 336Nm at 4400rpm. Couple this with the Murano’s XTronic CVT and you’ll experience seamless gear shifting and smooth acceleration like never before. Its Twin Operating Power Steering system in turn adapts to your environment by providing extra agility at lower speeds and improved stability at higher speeds. Equally intuitive is the Murano’s ALL MODE 4×4-intelligence, which senses each individual wheel’s grip on the road and sends just the right amount of torque to it, so you’ll go exactly where you need to go irrespective of the road surface or climatic conditions. Also surprising for a vehicle of this size is its quiet ride, made possible via Nissan’s generous application of noise reduction innovations and aerodynamic sculpting.

Distinct Styling and Design

Nissan’s exclusive crossover is all about design contrasts. It exudes both old-world grace and futuristic boldness, sophistication and strength, sleek contours and a muscular stance. Quality is another theme that’s echoed throughout. The Murano’s advanced projector headlamps incorporate Bi-Xenon technology while its wraparound taillights feature high efficiency LEDs. Its contemporary interior is fitted with luxurious leather trim as well as aluminium and gunmetal finishes to add a sense of opulence while a stylish tinted sunroof overhead provides UV protection. Almost every feature on the Murano can be operated with just the quick touch of a button, ensuring that you’re always in control.

A Full House of Features

Nissan’s added every comfort and convenience feature they could think of to the Murano’s specification sheet – from cruise control, a keyless stop/start button and power front heated seats to Bluetooth compatibility, a state-of-the-art Bose audio system with DVD player and a touchscreen satellite navigation system. Taking care of safety are multiple airbags and advanced braking systems including ABS, EBD and BA for added peace of mind. What more could you want? Nothing springs to mind.