The Mahindra Thar Got A Brand New Suit


The legendary Mahindra Thar has recently been improved with the addition of a number of impressive features.

The Mahindra Thar is already known for its attraction as a more accessible off-road vehicle for adventure-seeking drivers with a slightly smaller budget. The Mahindra Thar, launched in 2010, left room for improvement – particularly with regards to its interior layout and design.

The new Mahindra Thar boasts the much welcomed improvements – inside and out. The interior is now equipped with stylish and more supportive seats, steering wheel, gear handle, door fixtures and air-conditioning vents. It also sports a contemporary floor console (with ample cup holders), a secure glove compartment (that can be locked), an excellent dual-tone dashboard and a three-pod instrument assembly (with speedometer, fuel and temperature gauges, tachometer and a digital trip-meter and indicates when the 4WD gear is being employed). Furthermore – there is decent technological features such as a 12-volt charging dock and a windshield demister. The fit-finish and interior quality has also been notably upgraded.

The Thar’s exterior has been redesigned with a more exciting and modern appeal with such features as improved wheel arches, anterior and posterior bumpers, upgraded side steps, clear-lens headlights and restructured canopy. The overall look of the Thar is more aggressive and is available in five colour variations, where previously it was only available in red.

Added features; such as rear-differential lock has furthermore improved its off-roading proficiency. The Mahindra Thar is more than capable of effortlessly handling nearly any territory. It produces enough torque to haul it up abrupt inclines and out of muck or muddy situations with considerable ease. The Thar avoids wheel-spin and bogging down with added support from the mechanical differential locks and 235/70/R16 tubeless tyres. The Thar offers a 44° approach angle, a 27° departure angle and a wonderful 60 liter fuel tank.

The Thar is fitted with a 5-speed Manual transmission gearbox and a BorgWarner transfer case. The engine is still a 2498cc CRDe, which offers 247 Nm of torque at 1800-2000 rmp and 105bhp at 3800 rpm. Moreover, the Thar has a 200mm ground clearance and a 2430mm wheelbase. The brake system comprises 226mm front brake discs and 282 rear brake drums.

The new Mahindra Thar is great for off-road adventures, family picnics and regular getaway, whilst still being outstanding and appealing in urban settings. It is a more unmitigated 4X4, with a degree of ‘creature comfort’ and fantastic new features.