4 Tips to Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium


The premium prices are often cited as the primary contributor to the perception that auto insurance policies are prohibitively expensive. But there are ways that you may significantly cut the costs of your auto insurance payments so that it does not affect your wallet, and you should definitely look into those. Insurance premiums are determined by a wide range of criteria, including the year, make, and model of the insured vehicle, among others.

Raise the amount of the optional deductible

A deductible is the sum of money you are responsible for paying toward any claims or repairs before your insurance company begins to pay its share. You have the option of selecting this voluntary deductible value either when you initially purchase the insurance or when you renew it. If you select a larger value for the deductible, your monthly premium will be reduced by a certain percentage. However, keep in mind that you should only increase your deductible by as much as you are able to pay. It is possible that the purpose of your claim may be rendered moot if the deductible amount is set so high that it is financially impossible for the policyholder to meet it. You can also take down the car running costs with optimal tips.


The riders or add-ons are really the additional coverage that the insurance provider will provide for your vehicle in exchange for an additional payment. The following are some examples of these add-ons: bumper-to-bumper cover, consumables cover, vital security cover, emergency roadside cover, and so on.

Put in place anti-theft measures in the vehicle

It is more beneficial to install such gadgets because all these tools will not just guarantee the protection of the vehicle from theft or breaking and entering but also having installed devices like gear lock, clutch lever, or anti-theft alert system will decrease the annual insurance by around 5 percent. This is due to the number of vehicle thefts within the country has been rising, which is why it is better to install such devices.

Compare Premiums

Online protection is available from every general insurance provider. Car companies may also offer “free” insurance, but you shouldn’t let it fool you. In most cases, the customization options are unavailable, and it is only free for the first year. In addition, if you modify the vehicle in any way, the insurance policy will not cover the damage.


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